Can You Rent Tree Trimming Equipment?

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If you are wondering can you rent tree trimming equipment in your area, the answer is most likely yes. That’s because just about every home or business owner has to deal with maintaining the trees that do their landscape. It’s the type of demand scenario that equipment rental companies like to cater to.

But before you run down to your local tool rental company, take heed of what I am about to say. Even though tree trimming equipment may be available to rent in your area, consider the following before you go and rent that equipment. 

It’s Dangerous

Seasoned tree professionals are taught various practices that will help keep them safe when working at heights and when working around such other hazards as power lines. So, while professional tree crews can perform their tree trimming tasks safely, the same may not be able to be said for you if you were not exposed to the same specialized safety training as them. 

Not only that but using chainsaws, pruning shears, hedge trimmers, and other essential tree trimming equipment can lead to injury if you do not know how to properly use them. Most equipment rental places do not take the time to give instructions or tips on how to use the tree trimming tools that they rent.

You have to Have Special Knowledge to Trim Trees

There is much more to tree trimming than seeing a tree in your yard that looks unkempt and then deciding to do something about that. It all starts with knowing what time of year is best to trim each species of tree in your yard. You also have to know exactly how to do such tree trimming tasks like pruning, crown thinning, and crown raising the right way or you risk harming a tree or even killing it. Even if you have the right equipment to trim a tree, you better do some research on how to trim the species of trees in your yard or the results could be disastrous for your trees.

Rental Equipment is Usually in Poor Condition

Very seldom will you walk into a tool rental store and get led to the tree trimming equipment section and find that equipment to be in excellent condition. Most of the time, quite the opposite is true and that equipment may even have been rented hundreds of times. Tree trimming is a delicate task that requires the equipment to do it properly to be in very good condition. That means that even if the answer to can you rent tree trimming equipment in your area might be yes, is that equipment worth renting? 

Tree Trimming Is Best Left to Professionals

So, while the answer to the question can you rent tree trimming equipment is normally yes on most occasions. My question to you is why would you want to trim trees yourself after what you just read. Just the dangerous nature of this task is enough to discourage most people from ever wanting to undertake tree trimming as a DIY project. When you add the risk of harming your tree’s health and the fact that you may be using worn equipment into the equation, then tree trimming is definitely best left to professionals.

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