Dangers of Tree Removal

dangers of tree removal new smyrna beachWhat are the dangers of tree removal? It is important to know about this before attempting any DIY tree cutting task. 

Trees are an incredible gift to humankind especially since they are our source of food and oxygen. But as beautiful as a lush tree looks with all its branches spread wide, it is important to trim them from time to time. This is because they can be quite hazardous. The canopies of trees look extremely pleasant and full. But, if these branches outgrow their stipulated space, they can harm any life or property.

It is important that one only trims the branches slightly but does not uproot the whole tree unless the situation strongly demands so. If one is planning to remove the entire tree, one must also consider the many dangers it poses.

The Most Common Dangers of Tree Removal

Removing or felling a tree is not a simple task. You need to consider many other factors before taking the action. Here are some dangers of tree removal that you must consider before cutting off the entire tree.

Live Wires

Most trees that need to be cut may be near an electrical wireline system. And these wires are not insulated but are merely weatherproofed. If you happen to fell a tree and are not careful, it may fall on the wires and cause two outcomes.

Either the whole neighborhood may end up losing electricity if the wireline system snaps or you may be electrocuted if you come in contact with the wires. That is why you must take the necessary precautions especially if you need to cut down a tree near an electrical wireline.

Damage to Cars and Property

Most often, the fellers may underestimate the fall of the tree when they cut it and hit the ground. If it is a residential or commercial neighborhood, with several cars parked around, felling a tree is an extremely risky thing to do. You should either empty the whole surrounding or schedule the tree removal for a more suitable time with a lesser crowd of people and parked vehicles.

If one is not careful enough, the felled tree may end up causing serious damage to vehicles. Properties and houses may also suffer damage when a felled tree falls on them. 


When a tree falls after cutting it, people can hardly ever control the direction in which it falls. It all depends on the center of gravity of the tree and the gravitational force pulling it down. So, if you do not have the right equipment nor you are wearing protective gear or standing in the right position, any part of the tree might end up hitting you by chance. 

That is why it is essential that you carefully gauge and estimate where the tree might fall after cutting it. Also, ensure that you wear a well equipped protective gear. Having a crane to pick the felled tree would be best to avoid any serious injuries.

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Removing a tree can be necessary at times but is extremely dangerous when you do not take the right precautions. To ensure safety and maximum productive work, make sure you approach the task well with the right equipment.

There truly is plenty of dangers of tree removal; therefore, it is absolutely necessary to call a professional when you need to cut a tree on your property. For tree removal New Smyrna Beach and in the surrounding areas, call New Smyrna Tree Pros for assistance. You may reach us at 386-200-4288 for a free estimate.