Hazards of Removing a Large Oak

Hazards of Removing a Large Oak New Smyrna BeachBefore you even start a DIY tree removal project, you must know about the many hazards of removing a large oak or any other tree that you may have in your backyard. This is a highly dangerous project that requires knowledge, experience, and the right equipment. 

There may come a time when you feel you need to remove a tree from your yard. This can be because a tree has grown so big it is dominating the landscape or its growing too close to your home. It may even be a case where its root structure is damaging driveways or foundations. Whatever the case may be, you must also be aware that some trees are harder to remove than others. One of those types of trees is a large Oak tree. You must be aware of the hazards of removing a large oak tree also. Removing these old and sturdy trees must be done by a professional crew and it involves a lot more than just cutting across the base of the tree. 

What are the Hazards of Removing a Large Oak?

First off, let it be known that only tree professionals should ever take down trees. This statement holds true for any tree that is over 15 feet tall. After that, taking down a tree starts to get dangerous. This is especially true for large oak trees. It takes a professional crew who knows all the safety requirements involved in felling a tree to get one of these monsters down without harming people or property. It also takes special equipment that is used properly. 

A big problem with large oak trees not only occurs because of their upward and outward dimensions either. That’s because these trees have a vast root structure underneath them that will continue to grow even after the tree has been cut down. That means once a large oak has been felled the associated root structure then must also be removed. This takes heavy equipment to get the job done because oak tree roots can be the size of large branches. It’s just another of the hazards of removing a large oak. That’s why these are some of the most expensive trees to have professionally removed also.

One thing you want to be sure of if you are going to take down an oak tree on your property is that you check your local state and county laws to make sure you can do so without a permit. In some places, it’s illegal to remove an oak tree unless you have successfully petitioned the local government for its removal. Huge fines can result if you don’t follow this procedure before removing an Oak Tree in certain areas of the country.

Call for Professional Oak Tree Removal

To avoid the hazards of large oak tree removal, then it would best to call for help from the pros in tree care and maintenance. For tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, land clearing, and other tree-related jobs in New Smyrna Beach and surrounding areas, New Smyrna Tree Pros is the company to call! You may reach us at 386-200-4288 for a free quote.