Hurricane Damage Prevention for Your Residential Property

Hurricane Damage prevention Tips New Smyrna BeachNew Smyrna Beach and most of Florida experience hurricanes yearly. Every property owner should be knowledgeable about hurricane damage prevention to avoid injury and devastating damage to property. If you are wondering about the things you must do to ensure that you, your family, and your property are safe during a hurricane, read on to get some tips.

Hurricane Damage Prevention Tips

Hurricane threats are very real for Florida residents. The Atlantic hurricane season lasts for an entire half of a year so everyone must be ready at all times. Of course, you’d have to watch out for news updates so you can be prepared. But even before any hurricane hits, it is best to ensure that your property is also prepared as it is your primary protection during bad weather.

Regular Roof Maintenance – Ask a licensed roofer to check on your roof and perform maintenance at least every year. The roof itself and roof gutters must both be inspected to ensure that they are clean and durable to withstand all types of weather.

Secure Windows and Doors – Especially if you’re living in a hurricane-prone area, it would best to have impact-resistant shutters on your windows. Doors must be solid and durable, too.

Periodic Tree Maintenance – Tree maintenance is very important too. If tree branches seem to be weak, overgrown, or are growing too close to the structure of your home, make sure you call a tree contractor for tree trimming. Old and weak trees that can no longer be saved and are considered hazard trees may be removed too.

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