Most Durable Trees in Florida

most durable trees in FloridaWhat are the most durable trees in Florida? Also called the “Sunshine State”, Florida is known for its beautiful beaches. But did you know that it is also one of the best states to grow plants and trees because of its subtropical climate? You can plant all year in Florida because plants and trees love its warm climate. Of course, during the spring and summer season, you will see faster growth in trees. In the fall and winter, however, slower growth is expected. 

A lot of people nowadays are into planting. With the threat of climate change and with the pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home most of the time, getting into planting or gardening as a hobby is a great idea. Planting provides a lot of benefits to our well-being–physically, emotionally, and mentally. Also, plants and trees cleanse the air and provide shade and protection. 

If you’re living in Florida and looking to spruce up your property with trees, good research is what you need to do first. After all, while Florida’s soil is perfect for plating, there are many different kinds and species of trees you may want to look into especially if you are looking for something durable. You may find ideas on the list of the most durable trees in Florida below. 

Bald Cypress

These are native trees that can live up to 600 years. Bald Cypress trees are found throughout Florida and the state protects these trees that are located along a waterway but homeowners can freely cut them if they fall on their land. Bald Cypress is known and valued for its water resistance. They grow beautifully because of their colors and fall foliage.

Black Olive 

This tree also provides aesthetics to the surrounding. It is a widely used tree in Southern Florida. It is great for giving shade and is also durable and wind-resistant. Black Olive trees grow up to 40-feet tall and wide.


Maple trees are known for their beautiful fall colors, but aside from that it is also a great ornamental tree and it is also durable. These trees grow up to 60 feet tall and 25 feet wide. 


This type of tree is popular for being shade trees. They have a wide specimen group and aside from it providing protection, it also produces flowers during spring. Mahogany woods are extremely hard and it is wind-resistant. It is also tall and wide so it serves as an aesthetic aspect to a landscape.

Sabal Palm

This tree is the state tree of Florida. They grow up to 50 to 70 feet tall. The Sabal palm tree is resistant to drought and salt, and it can also tolerate the cold surroundings that the winter season brings. Despite it being tall, this tree is also durable and is perfect to plant in any surrounding. 

Tree Maintenance in New Smyrna Beach so You Can Have the Most Durable Trees in Florida

The secret to having beautiful and healthy trees is maintenance. Even if you choose to plant one of the most durable trees in Florida such as one of those listed above, there’s a chance for the tree to become weak and unhealthy over time. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have a go-to tree service contractor. If you are in New Smyrna Beach, then there’s no better place to call than New Smyrna Tree Pros. We offer tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, and many more tree services. Just call us at (386) 200-4288 to get a free quote!