Oak Tree Removal Tips

Oak Tree Removal Tips New Smyrna BeachIf you have an Oak Tree where it’s gotten to the point that it needs to come down, then maybe you can use some oak tree removal tips. That’s not surprising to look for advice when getting ready to do this job because oak trees are among the largest trees there are and they have a very expansive root structure. This makes them extremely difficult to take down. So, follow the tips here and practice extreme caution if you do go ahead and decide to remove an oak tree yourself.

Why Oak Trees Sometimes Need to Be Removed

There are numerous reasons why you may decide to take an oak tree down. I have already mentioned how big oak trees get. As they grow, they may come too close to your home or other structures and have the potential to cause big problems. If they grow so big that they take over your yard, then their large canopies can also harm the health of the other trees, grasses, plants, and other vegetation in your landscape. Dead and diseased oak trees also need to be removed because of the potential hazard they may become during strong storms. An oak tree’s roots may also expand out so far that they attack sidewalks, driveways, and even your home’s foundation.

Check Local Ordinances Before Removing an Oak Tree

It just might be the case where you don’t even need any oak tree removal tips. Why do I say that? It’s because in some cities and towns it’s actually against the law to remove these old and majestic trees. So, before you go any further into looking to take down an oak tree in your yard, make sure that you check to see if this is legal where you live. There can be some hefty fines to pay if you remove an oak tree that is protected by a city ordinance.

Some Good Oak Tree Removal Tips

Here is some good advice as far as removing oak trees is concerned:

Keep Safety at the Forefront During the Removal Process

You can say that safety should always be the number one thing to keep in mind during any type of tree removal but it takes on even more significance with oak trees because of their size. You have to make sure that the area is kept clear during the whole operation, vehicles and other movable objects are taken far away. The tree should be properly tethered to make it fall in the desired direction also.

Take the Tree Down in Sections

Most tree professionals will not attempt to bring a big oak tree down all at once. They will first trim the larger branches of the tree. After that, if the oak tree that’s being felled is a large one, they may even take the trunk down by cutting the tree in half or thirds. This not only makes the tree easier to bring down but also tends to make the job safer and more predictable.

Use a Machine to Remove the Stump

If you want to fully reclaim the ground where your oak tree once stood, you will have to remove the left-over stump too. If you have never seen an oak tree root ball, you will be amazed at the sheer size of it. It’s a stump that will take forever to burn or chemically remove. That’s why you will need to dig your remaining oak tree stump out with an excavator or backhoe.

Leave this Job to a Professional

I feel that the absolute best tip I can give you on oak tree removal is to leave this job to a tree professional. It simply is too big and too dangerous a job to be done by someone that is not highly skilled and properly equipped to do it. Even tree service experts will agree that this is one of the harder types of tree work that they do. To make it even better, professionals tree services have all of the necessary insurances in place to cover injuries and property damage that occurs when they are taking an oak tree down.

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Hopefully, the oak tree removal tips have given you an idea of how to safely and properly remove an oak tree from your property. While these techniques and recommendations might seem easy to follow, it is still best to contact a professional to assist you. For tree removal in New Smyrna Beach, there’s no better company to call than New Smyrna Tree Pros. Contact us at 386-200-4288 for a free estimate.