The Importance of a Permit for Tree Removal

permit for tree removal new smyrna beachCutting a tree is not simple as you might think. There are rules and regulations and usually, you will need to obtain a permit for tree removal. This will vary for different states and also some utility companies have policies regarding removing trees.

Some will have laws about the cutting of trees for public and private areas. It is vital that before you cut down a tree, you will check first if such rules for permits apply in your area. 

Why You Need a Tree Cutting Permit

Some trees are protected by law, therefore, a permit is required before you do any kind of work on them, including removal. 

Trees that might have cultural significance 

Some trees might have some significance to your location. Trees are like this are usually protected because of their age. Getting permission to cut them would only be granted under some circumstances. 

Trees that are endangered 

Endangered trees protected by the authorities need preservation. You can only be granted permission to remove them if you have a strong reason. But even then, it would still take time to be approved. 

Trees that are on private properties 

Removing trees from private areas is usually hard to remove because they are owned by someone else. You will need to obtain consent first from the owner as well as the permit. Doing so will help prevent fines or any legal issues. 

Contact Us for Tree Removal in New Smyrna Beach, FL 

Trees are a vital part of the environment. Now, with deforestation and climate change, more have been needing protection. Aside from the fact that tree removal is dangerous and ideally done by licensed pros, you will need a permit for removal because the tree that you want to cut may be important to the area or community. 

It is also good to know that tree removal permits are not necessary at all times. There are some cities and states allowing homeowners to cut trees on their own properties without prior permission. However, again, it is best to work with a licensed tree contractor either way. 

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