Stump Removal

Stump Removal New Smyrna Beach

Stump removal is another service you can get from a licensed tree contractor. A stump is the bottommost part of the tree that gets left behind when a tree is removed or has fallen down. While some property owners leave stumps behind, many more understand the benefits of getting these stumps removed.

At New Smyrna Tree Pros, we make sure our clients are aware of the benefits of stump removal. Along with many other tree services we offer, we believe that stump removal is a very important part of keeping your property beautiful and safe. If you need stump removal services, we are here to assist you.

Advantages of Stump Removal New Smyrna Beach

Trees are removed in different ways depending on its size, condition, location, and some other factors. More often than not, a stump will be left behind after a tree removal process. The stump is the lowest part of the tree that’s attached to the roots that go way underground. Because the process of stump removal is usually tedious and requires special tools and equipment, some choose to just leave them behind.

However, there are so many reasons you should have these stumps removed. Among them are the following:

  • Aesthetics – A stump left behind could be an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful yard or landscaped garden.
  • Safety – Stumps can cause accidents. For instance, if you have children playing in your garden, they can easily trip on stumps and get wounded.
  • Plant Health – A stump is a great place for fungi, bacteria, and insects to grow and flourish. These could affect surrounding plants and trees.
  • Regrowth Prevention – There are some instances when a plant or tree can start growing again when you fail to remove its stump.

There is a difference between tree stump removal vs grinding and we can help you out with both. Give us a call so we can assist you today!

Tree Contractor New Smyrna Beach FL

New Smyrna Tree Pros has a team of highly qualified expert staff who can assist you in tree removal, tree trimming, and other tree-related jobs. We have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out any tree-related job including removing stumps. Should there be a need for stump grinding, we can do that for you too. We provide topnotch workmanship without breaking your budget. Best of all, we make sure you’re satisfied with our work before we leave your property.

For your stump removal New Smyrna Beach needs, we are the company to call. New Smyrna Tree Pros are available in New Smyrna Beach and nearby communities. Just call us at 386-200-4288 to consult with one of our staff and to get a free estimate!