The Cost of Cutting Down Trees

The Cost of Cutting Down Trees New Smyrna BeachWhat is the cost of cutting down trees? Sometimes, cutting down a tree is inevitable especially when maintaining a property or when it is already becoming a hazard to the community. Common problems such as trees with trunks blocking the road or with roots on the verge of damaging a structure should be dealt with immediately to avoid further problems in the future. 

In general, the average cost of cutting down trees from a property is around $400 to $1000, with a person spending about an average of $500 to have a medium to large-sized tree removed. Smaller trees that are easier to remove can cost about $100, while old and very large trees may be as much as $2000 and above. 

Factors That Can Affect the Cost of Cutting Down Trees

The process of cutting down trees is never easy. It requires the service and assessment of a professional who has enough tree knowledge and is equipped with the right tools to do the job. While you can have an idea of the estimated cost of cutting down trees, other factors can greatly affect the total cost. Read below. 

Accessibility. The location of the property where the tree to be removed is located can greatly affect the overall cost of tree removal. Professionals will determine if the property can be reached easily by car or if they are going to need a special vehicle and equipment to access the place.

Equipment and job complexity. Special equipment and heavy types of machinery are needed to remove very large trees and sometimes, it can take more than 3 or more people to do the job.

Urgency. An urgent response may cost more than the standard removal. When a tree should be removed immediately, getting the service of professional tree surgeons right away can be quite costly.

Type or species and condition. Some species of trees are harder to remove than others even if they more or less have the same size. The condition such as how young or how mature the tree is can also affect the total cost.

Cost of Cutting Down Trees By Size

The size of the tree would ultimately have a huge impact on the final cost of tree removal. To give you an idea, below are price estimates of tree removal based form the size of the tree. 

Small (under 30 feet): $100 – $500. This requires minimal work with a trunk diameter not larger than 6 inches. Small trees like Dogwood, Magnolia, and Japanese Maple belong to this category. 

Medium (30 – 60 feet): $300 – $1,200. Mid-size trees have about 15-19 inches trunk diameter and this may include Crabapple, American Holly, and Copperwood. Generally, these types of trees require more time and manpower to remove. 

Large (60 – 80 feet): $700 – $2,500. Larger trees most of the time require a special set of equipment and machinery. Trees like Conifer, Oak, and Sycamore that have greater than 20 inches trunk diameter fall in this category. 

Extreme (80 feet and over): $1,000 – $4,500. Even with machinery, complete removal may take multiple days. Towering Sequoia, Spruce, and Pine trees alike with over 24 inches in trunk diameter fit this category. Other services such as costs are log splitting, stump, and debris removal add up to the cost as well.

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Removal of trees is best left to the professionals. Hire arborists and contractors that are certified, licensed, offer insurance, and with verified reputation. It is also best to schedule tree removal during the dormant season to lower costs. Anticipate preparations in dealing with noise and clearing obstacles for better accessibility.

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