Tree Removal Equipment

Tree Removal Equipment New Smyrna BeachDo you need to cut a tree on your property and wondering what tree removal equipment you need? Trees are a vital part of the environment. They provide us with natural protection from the heat of the sun, they serve as shelter for animals, and they give us the oxygen we need to breathe. Sometimes though, we need to cut down or remove trees if they already posing threat to the surroundings or if it is really necessary.  

The process of tree removal is not easy. It might be best to hire the service of a professional to remove them as it involves a lot of preparation. If, however, you want to do it on your own, you must be very much aware of the risk and you must have all the necessary things like permits, equipment needed, and of course, the budget.  

Ready to start cutting your trees? Here are the pieces of equipment you need for proper tree removal: 

Safety equipment. When cutting or trimming trees, safety should come first. You have to make sure you have safety gear and equipment with you like a hat, gloves, boots, and eye goggles before you begin. These gears will protect you should something unexpected occurs. 

Ladder. When dealing with medium to large-sized trees, you will have to work by putting a rope to pull it down. To do so, you need to have a good and stable stepladder with you. 

Rope. This goes hand in hand with the ladder. You must be very careful in handling the rope and you must find or purchase something that can fit best the tree you are about to remove. Roping down a tree can be a very challenging process. You need to have someone to help you all the way. Doing so can also make you more prone to accidents.  

Pruning shears. You can consider cutting small, healthy branches if there are any when cutting down the tree. These branches may still have a purpose and sometimes, you can use them to plant a new tree. Pruning sheers are essential to get this job done.

Ax and chainsaw. Ax works best for smaller trees however, you have to invest in a good brand that can help you cut a tree down with ease. Chainsaw, on the other hand, is good for cutting down branches that are more than 3 inches in diameter. There are various sizes of a chainsaw and it would be best to ask experts first before investing in one. A larger chainsaw is heavier and can be difficult to operate but it can cut through much thicker branches. 

Heavy truck. A truck is sometimes necessary for carrying down big branches after removing a tree. You must hire or get a service of a truck provider who actually works in moving tree branches around. 

First aid kit. Make sure you always have your first aid kit with you so you are ready in case a minor accident occurs. Your first aid kit should contain essentials like plasters, bandages, alcohol, sterile gloves, and wound cream.

When removing or cutting down trees, it might be necessary to ask the help of a professional who can help you along the way. They know the right thing to do. They can secure permits for you if needed and they have all the machines and equipment needed for the process so you won’t have to use your own.

If you are keen on doing the process on your own, try starting with the small ones and check if it’s something you can do. You must also be prepared with the equipment and safety gear needed. And remember, always have a crew with you. 

We Have Complete Tree Removal Equipment in New Smyrna Beach

As you have seen above, you need a lot of equipment when you need to cut a tree on your property. It’s safe to assume that not all of us have these handy and it’s likely more expensive to buy all these when you can simply hire professionals to help you out. At New Smyrna Tree Pros, we have a full set of tree removal equipment and a team of licensed and professional arborists who will help you with tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, and more. Our services are available in New Smyrna Beach and the surrounding communities. Call us at 386-200-4288 for a free quote.